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Frequently Asked Questions

Who officially endorses the Inner City Connector?

The following Associations and People have officially endorsed the Inner City Connector:

a. Willie Bradford, City Council Member from the Allendale District
b. Committee of One Hundred, Inc.
c. African American Chamber of Commerce
d. Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce
e. Bossier Chamber of Commerce
f. North Louisiana Economic Partnership
g. Biomedical Research Foundation of NW Louisiana
h. Manufacturing Managers Council
i. North Shreveport Business Association

How long is the route traveled for each option?

The route traveled is 13 to 14 miles for the Loop-it option and 3.2 miles for the Inner-City Connector route. This means shorter travel times/less costs to travelers and reduced air pollution.

Will construction of the Inner City Connector disrupt travel on any highways?

The construction of the Inner-City Connector will not disrupt travel on any highways. The Loop construction will require the widening of the 1-220 bridge over Cross Lake and 3132 from 4 lanes to 6 lanes and the demolition and reconstruction of at least two existing interchanges on 3132.

How much economic impact will each option have?

The Inner-City Connector will bring substantial new economic development in the area of its route. NLCOG indicated Inner-City Connector will generate upwards of $350 million per year of economic value to downtown Shreveport and the Allendale area. The Loop will bring NO new economic development through its route.

Do any of the options offer an alternative for any additional interchanges?

The Inner-City Connector presents an alternative for an interchange exit at Ford and Caddo streets that will provide access to the Allendale neighborhood and downtown, civic center, riverfront and casinos. The Loop provides no new access to any place.

Does either option present a threat to our water supply?

The Loop will entail substantial construction to the 1-220 bridge over Cross Lake – that together with the additional 1-49 traffic that would be added to the present traffic- increases the potential for threats to the City’s water supply. We cannot afford to lose our only water source.

How would the ICC affect North Shreveport and the Martin Luther King neighborhood?

Residents of North Shreveport and the Martin Luther King neighborhood would have direct and unrestricted access to University Health, Mall St. Vincent and many other areas.

The High Cost of Doing Nothing